Sunday, October 23, 2016

Daily chocolate consumption allied to lower risk of diabetes and heart disease

Chocolate, which comes from one of nature’s greatest gifts the cacao plant, is something that many people enjoy. We are often told that chocolate is bad for us because it is considered candy. Consuming too much can cause cavities, obesity, and later health problems. However, it is now suggested that daily chocolate intact is actually good for us! Of course this is fantastic news for fellow chocolate lovers.

Professor Saverio Stranges works with the University of Warwick Medical School in the United Kingdom. He is also the scientific director of the Department of Population Health at the Luxembourg Institute of Health. Stranges begs to differ the current perception of chocolate. He notes that dark chocolate has the highest content of antioxidants which is good for us because it can prevent cell damage.

This can also contribute to healthier hearts and livers. A study was conducted on individuals with diabetes. These individuals needed insulin to maintain their glucose levels. Stranges added chocolate to their daily diet. As a result, their bodies rejected insulin at a slow rate and liver functions improved. This is a breakthrough discovery for those who have diabetes and also for those who love chocolate.

While Stranges encourages adding chocolate to a daily diet, there are things to take into consideration. Not all chocolate is created equal. Dark chocolate is the most natural as it contains less additives, sugar, and has a higher content of antioxidants. Processed chocolate tends to taste sweeter and is packed with calories. It is always wise to check the package labeling before purchasing chocolate. If the processed chocolate is purchased, the results will be somewhat counterproductive. Weight gain and cavities can occur. So, is a daily chocolate intake healthy? According to Professor Stranges, the answer is yes. However, do not forget that the intake should be in moderation. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sugar: should we exclude it from our diet?

Sugar has received a very bad press in recent years, particularly in the light of its negative impact on human health. For many people, sugar is a core part of their diet and it could be said that many of us eat far too much of it. Most people are probably aware that it is bad for their teeth and can increase their risk of being impacted by certain diseases, including diabetes. Sugar is pumped into most ready meals and our sweet tooth means that we also consume it in cakes and cookies. Sugar intake has increased hugely in recent years and it is directly correlated with the rise in diabetes as well as obesity and other health problems. Many dieticians and health experts suggest that, ideally, we should eliminate sugar from our diet. The World Health Organization (WHO) wants to cut global intake by 50%. This is quite a challenge. However, should we eliminate it from our diet?

The effect of too much sugar on our body:

It is not all negative. After all, some sugar is absolutely necssary for our daily functioning. It is for example a major source of 'fuel' for our bodies. It gives us the energy that we require to keep going through the day. However, 'excess' sugar (once we have reached our necessary amount of calories for the day) is converted and stored as fat. Sugar is addictive and so the more we eat the more we want to eat. It is a vicious cycle.

Should we and how do we get rid of sugar from our diet?

Unfortunately it is not just as simple as cutting the white stuff out of our diet. After all, we need sugars for energy and we have become so used to taking it in through bread and other products that major changes in our shopping habits would be required. The good news is that fruit, dairy products and nuts all have some sugar in them. They also have health benefits which we do not want to lose. For example, they include a host of vitamins that are necessary for good health. The answer is to cut out processed foods in favor of fruits, vegetables and other 'healthy' sugars.

Of course, obesity and diabetes are not going to go away over night. It is going to take a huge cultural change to shift consumption patterns. However, we have to start at some point and it is about education as much as anything else. We all know that we should cut sugar from our lives, but the difficult bit is actually doing it. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Uncommon dating Conversation Starters to create a Profound Connection

Uncommon dating Conversation Starters to create a Profound Connection

The best date I ever had was my first date with Florida native Christine. We had met once before by chance at a common friend’s marriage where we quickly fell into effortless conversation. A few days later we were on a real lunch date at a nice restaurant. From there we strolled over to Central Park.
You definitely don’t want to appear as a person with only one aspect to his personality.

Like anyone else, I wanted to present my best self on that first date and had plans to force myself to be more interesting and sensible. But, what worked best was “being myself”. We had a long conversation that could only be described as magical. It was all loaded with quick really interesting small stories, a little bit of snappy banter where one story begot three more. Like, “one time when I went to Japan” story, and “I went to Asia for a friends marriage” and “my most adventurous trip was…” story and more. This date lasted 6 hours without one awkward silence.
The secret of this successful first date was that we were able to build chemistry in no time.

If you want your date to go anywhere then get that all-necessary chemistry crackling between you as quickly as possible. It doesn’t need to be a great effort or does it need to be as easy as leaving it to fate. You just need to be yourself, have some depth in your conversation, and connect emotionally. No matter how funny, entertaining, or relaxed the chat may be between the two of you, at some point you’ll feel a need to go further and develop a deeper connection. You  definitely don’t want to appear as a person with only one aspect to his personality. An ordinary conversation will eventually get stale and both of you will have a hard time relating with each other. So make sure that you are not stuck on small talk that feels more like a job interview. Try engaging into longer and relating interactions simply to have a nice time together while getting to know more about each other.

When you are talking only about your routine lifestyle, like where you live, what you do and your hobbies, it can be incredibly difficult to get a sense of who someone is and what makes them tick.But at the same time, it is not about asking meaningful and deep questions that might be uncomfortable until you get better acquainted.

Here are  easy conversations starters that jump start chemistry.
These will allow the person to reveal more about themselves, so you can understand their personality and know your compatibility. And after reading these tips, you might also like to check out some of the expert dating sites reviews to know which websites you want to register with to find a perfect match for yourself.

 Which place do you love travelling to and what do you enjoy most about it?
This is one such topic that can help your date loosen up a bit and let you get a glimpse of their actual personality. If the person has been to some place that is of significance in their life they would love to talk about it. This would allow them to draw memories of that place, share their experiences and most importantly talk about things they are passionate about.

 What would your perfect day be like?
Knowing about a person’s aspirations and inspirations can reveal a great deal about their personality. And this question indirectly brings that out. It is a lighthearted question that can be real fun as you’ll be talking about an ideal world where you are happy and have total control of your life. This is the best way to know how creative and imaginative the person is and what they like to do in an ideal world.

What do you like most about your job?

Career related questions are inevitable as it tell us how we spend most of our time. But you can choose to go beyond simply asking what they do and rather ask a more interesting question like this one. This can reveal a lot about that person. For example, if someone says that the best thing about their job is interacting with people and solving their problems, you can clearly assume that they like to help others in trouble. A helpful nature is no doubt an attractive quality to fall for in a person.
But if someone says that they do not like their job, you have another opportunity of knowing more about that person by asking what they would like to be doing instead.

 What were you like when you were a kid?
You can even try saying, “May I make a guess what were you like as a kid?” No matter if you make a good guess or not, their childhood memories can be fun to talk about. Even more it can be surprising to know how someone was as a kid and how much they have changed. It provides you a nice opportunity to get a more well-rounded view of who they are.

Who would you most like to have a drink/coffee with?

This sounds a little serious, but in fact it can be very interesting to know what someone is interested in and who inspires them. It can be very surprising who they choose and how much they follow their examples in their lives. Such discussions are not small talk, as these can easily lead to other interesting conversations.
If you remember that first date nerves are inevitable and do not think much about saying the right thing or what should not be said you will be able to move through them much more easily. Just accept that being nervous and awkward silences are naturally going to happen, so you can relax and focus more on sharing a few fun or interesting stories about yourself. Just be natural, use the environment and circumstances as opportunities for developing deep connection with your date.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Warning Signs He's Losing Interest in You

Every dating has that honeymoon period. It may last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Once the intense cuteness has dwindled, generally things have settled to the point you are at ease and cozy with each other. This does not mean your man has gone off of you; it is just some other level on your dating.

But when things seem to take a sour turn, who's to blame? Has he lost interest in you, or is it just a normal road bump you two have to work out?

Here are some signs your boyfriend, partner, husband, or potential boyfriend is going off of you.

1. From 100 to a Flat Nothing
He goes from full-on gushing Niagara Falls to a leaky tap in a public toilet.
If your man in question was talking to you a lot, calling, texting, trying to make conversation, and wanting to see you, then suddenly slows down, you should be worried. Men are very abrupt when they lose interest. Going from lots of talking to no response isn't an accident. He's sending you a sign.
I have seen men use this trick when they want rid of someone but not entirely. It means he's not really interested, but he's not burning bridges so that you're still there for a lonely night. If he suddenly texts you a bit out of the blue one Friday night after several days or weeks of not talking, he hasn't been busy. He's been playing the field, and now that there's nobody else around, he wants to hook up

2. Plans? What Plans?
He stops planning dates—or even planning when he'll see you next.
When you first start dating someone, it's all excitement. You want to meet them for a drink, go and see a film, get some dinner, or even just hang out at home together. So if he begins to lose interest in making plans, then it may be a sign that he's losing interest in you. Men are keen creatures, and when they are interested in a woman, they will actively pursue seeing her again. If he's starting to lose interest in you, his plans will become vague. He'll start saying he wants to do something "another day" and cancelling dates at the last minute (or just not showing up).

If you have no idea when you will see him next and it's been a few days, he's not trying to see you. And if that's the case, it might be time for you to pull away.

3. He Becomes Vague
He never gives you details.
This also ties in with the above statement. When a man starts become vague about plans, his texts become less enthusiastic, and you go longer periods of time with less communication from his end, it's likely he is losing interest.
If you're having a hard time learning his plans, only to find out he's been going out with his friends or family, then it's time to move on from this man. He clearly isn't making time for you when he has plenty of it.
4. The Awkward Talk Never Comes
He'd rather not put a label on things because he's not looking for the relationship to progress.
An early sign that he is losing interest is when he doesn't seem to want to put a label on anything. This is an especially strong warning if you've been going out for a few weeks and things seem to be going well.
We all have to face that awkward talk to establish just how we feel and whether we're in a relationship. If it has been a few weeks and he's doing the following, then it's a sign he's not actually looking for a relationship with you:

Not taking the step of asking you to become official
Not mentioning anything that even hints that he wants something more serious
Making vague excuses about friends or wanting to be sure you're right for him, yet he continues to pursue you intimately and treat you like a girlfriend
It's time to stop dating him. He's just stringing you along until the next person.

5. He Stops Making an Effort
He went from a romantic to a slob who's never around.

Whether he's letting his personal appearance and hygiene slide, the quality of your dates is becoming disappointing, or his behaviour is below par, if he's making much less effort than he was initially, it's probably because he's losing interest. If your first date blew you off your feet, your second date was beautifully romantic, your third was cute and fun, your fourth was wild and crazy, and then suddenly he's taking you to a fast food restaurant or swinging by for an hour to hit on you, he's not all that interested.

When a man is interested he will make an effort. He will want to impress the woman and get to know her, and to do so, he will want to look his best to make sure she thinks he's a catch. A woman will do the same thing when she's interested in a guy. So if you notice his effort is diminishing, it might be time to call off the dates.

6. Rudeness
He ignores you and sometimes even shows contempt.
When a nice, polite, sweet guy who seems genuinely interested in you begins acting rude, you shouldn't let it slide. By rude, I mean:

He ignores you
He makes offensive jokes
He seems to be sneering at things you're saying
Any of these things can happen in person, on the phone, or by text.

Think about it: How many times have you gone out with someone that you lost interest in and began to feel annoyed with? Perhaps you were intentionally rude to some guy just so he would leave you alone? Men use this same trick on women.

If he's saying things in an attempt to provoke a response (e.g.: cracking woman jokes, mocking you, making rude blunt statements, being short with you, swearing inappropriately or making you feel bad in any way), you should avoid him.

You don't have to tolerate anything from this guy, and you don't owe him anything. If he's being rude, he's likely not very interested in you. If he were, he would do his best to be a kind, impressive human being.
7. "Meet My Friend"
He starts using the word "friends" around you more often.
When you notice he's referring to you as a "friend," saying you're a good friend, that you have a good friendship, or that he's glad you're friends, he may be trying to gently let you down.
So take a hint. He just wants to be friends, and he doesn't see you as anything more. To be fair, this is on of the kinder ways for him to do so.
If he's talking about friends and friendship, he doesn't see you as girlfriend material now or in the near future.

8. He Hits on You Excessively
He avoids the relationship talk but is always talking seductively.
By "hitting," I don't mean beating you; I mean he's trying to get lucky with you. The more winks he sends, the more seductive he tries to be, and the more persistent he is with intimacy, the less likely it is that he views you as a girlfriend. He probably sees you more as a friend with benefits or even a random girl to hook up with.
If you've tried discussing your relationship, hanging out without getting intimate, and going on normal dates, but he still pursues you like that do not sleep with him. He is not going to respect your body. Instead, he will use you, leave you, and make you feel bad about yourself. You don't deserve someone that is only after you for some fun. You deserve someone who has a real interest in being with you.
9. A Lack of Phone Calls
He doesn't call, and he doesn't want you to.
A giveaway to the fact your man is losing interest is when he doesn't call you. Men who are interested will phone you, talk to you, and actually speak to you on the phone for a period of time. If you offer to call him and he says he's busy or tells you to call tomorrow (which never happens), it's a sign he doesn't want to pursue an active ongoing conversation with you.
You wouldn't normally phone your friends as much as you would a lover, so avoiding phone calls may just mean that he considers you a friend.

Or it's possible he'd rather you didn't phone because it's much harder to ignore a call than a text or an online chat. This ties in with being vague and not making plans—if you don't call, it's easier for him to distance himself.
You should be wary even if he never really called you from the beginning. Look at it this way: You're interested and would like to call him up, right? So he should feel the same way if he's into you.

Friday, August 5, 2016

'Worst Case of Chickenpox EVER Seen' Turned Away From Doctors

Watching your child suffer from a sickness can be heart-wrenching for a parent. One British mom got way more than she bargained for when her 2-year-old son, Jasper, came down with the worst case of chickenpox his doctors have ever seen. Sarah, 36, called her doctor when Jasper started showing signs of the virus a week after he had scarlet fever. The receptionist told her "every mother thinks their child has bad chickenpox" and said that he wouldn't need to see the doctor. When the toddler's fever increased and his symptoms got worse, he was treated with antibiotics, which didn't help him improve. That's when Sarah decided to take him to the hospital. Young Jasper was admitted and ended up spending ...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Important subjects’ women should always discuss about sex: that they usually ignore

The benefits of sex extend beyond the bedroom. In fact, a roll in the hay can improve your heart health, boost your immunity, and more. Plus, regular romps with your partner create an intimate connection that’s crucial for a healthy relationship.

But if you’re not always in the mood to hit the sheets, you’re not alone. Many women have fluctuating sex drives, which may be a result of larger issues, says Ian Kerner, PhD, a psychotherapist and sex therapist in New York City. "In some ways, sexual desire is a barometer of your overall health," he explains. "If someone comes in with a low libido, it can often be an indication that something else is going on emotionally or physically.”

So how can you break through these bedroom barriers and create more heat between the sheets? Read on to find out what women really need to feel happy and healthy in their sex lives.

1. Truthful Sexual Health Conversation With a Spouse

No one likes the uncomfortable, "When was the last time you were tested?" talk, or a discussion about previous partners or birth control. But women are happiest in bed when they feel safe, so don’t be afraid to ask about your partner’s sexual history. You can even put a positive spin on the discussion, says Dr. Kerner. You might say something like, "I find you really sexy, and I'm interested in a relationship with you. But for me to fully enjoy myself, I want to talk about about our sexual histories and get on the same page about safety." If your partner isn’t open to the discussion, he or she may not be the right person for you.

2. The True Products to Make It Contented and confortable
While it's widely known that women of a certain age tend to experience vaginal dryness, the truth is that even younger women can struggle with it. To make things more comfortable, try using a lubricant; just be choosy about the kind you purchase since there are key differences among them. Kerner, who recommends the natural, water-based lubricant Sliquid, also stresses the importance of foreplay so you can lubricate naturally. "You could be aroused physically but not mentally, or vice versa, so you may just need to give yourself more time to warm up," he explains.

3. The Aptitude to Ask for What You really Want in Bed
It can be intimidating to share sexual desires with a significant other. “If you feel uncomfortable, frame what you want in the form of a fantasy," suggests Kerner. For example, you could tell your partner you had a daydream about how you two used to make out like teenagers. "Try to use arousing, stimulating language,” he says. “Doing so will help lead you to the kind of sex you'd like to have."

4. A Workout Monotonous That Strengthens Sex Muscles
Kegel exercises can work wonders to strengthen the pelvic area, making for better and more intense sex and orgasms. When boosted, the kegel muscles, which wrap around the vagina and anus in the shape of a figure eight, help strengthen your pelvic floor, which supports all your pelvic organs. Doing the exercises properly can deliver results such as heightened arousal during sex, better blood circulation, and even the ability to produce more lubrication. Learn how to master kegels using this guide. 

5. Belief and Expressive Security
It's hard to have a carefree romp if you feel disconnected from your significant other or worried about your partner's fidelity. If you think your partner may be having an affair, it’s important to address it. To start the conversation in a non-confrontational way, Kerner suggests saying something like, "I feel like we haven't been connected lately, and you're always on your phone or texting. It just makes me feel a little unsafe in the relationship.” Then explain that you want your relationship and sex life to be a priority because you value them.

6. Sureness
Both new and long-term relationships can suffer if a woman doesn't feel good about her body going into a sexual encounter. While it's easier said than done, try not to worry about stretch marks or a few extra pounds, and focus on staying in the moment. "You want to be in a relaxed place where your brain really deactivates, so you can experience full arousal and orgasm," says Kerner. Consider changing the lighting if it’s not flattering, or finding lingerie that makes you feel sexy.

7. Exact Diet for a Better Body and Augmented Sex Drive

Studies show that loading your plate with certain foods can help you feel sexier. Research from Texas A&M University in College Station shows that phytonutrients found in watermelon can relax blood vessels, which may in turn boost your libido. The same effect can be seen from foods rich in vitamin C, like oranges and carrots. Research shows that the vitamin increases circulation, which may help improve sex drive in women.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Steps for Harmless, Satisfying and Substantial Sex

1. Get to know your sexual boundaries. Whether it’s through online research, talking about sex with friends, or experimenting with masturbation, find out what is and isn’t for you. Ask yourself:

“Am I ready for sex?”
“What kind of sex am I comfortable with?”
“Do I want to ‘explore’ in college?”
2. Talk to your partner about consent and ways to ensure you both feel safe while engaging in sexual activity. Learn what consent means and how to practice it in everyday life—without killing the mood.

3. Educate yourself. Ask your RA or counselor where to find resources if you find yourself in an unsafe or uncomfortable situation. Find out who your college’s Title IX coordinator is and don’t be afraid to report an incident or intervene on behalf of a friend if you fear they might be in an unsafe situation.

4. Get tested! Sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings, contraception, and sexual wellness visits (pap tests, breast and prostate exams, etc.) are all necessary to a healthy and enjoyable sex life. If you had sex in high school, now is a great time to get tested. It’s important to go for routine STI screenings, especially if you’ve been with a new partner.

5. Locate your college’s sexual health center or find a local clinic online that provides similar services. Check out the services covered by your college or personal insurance, or see if there are state programs that provide free or low-cost services.

6. Ask your health professional about contraception options and determine what’s right for you. Talk to friends about their experiences with various forms of birth control, but remember that choosing contraception is a personal choice.

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