Friday, December 23, 2016

Healthy Reasons To Avoid Getting Hurt Or Disappointed With Spouse/ People

The story you tell yourself is a lie:
It’s a lie that they don’t care about you until you know for absolute certain. It’s a lie that they even should care about you until they do. Examine the sad sob-story you tell yourself before you believe it.
The expectations you have are false:
You have no right to impose expectations on others. You are here to live your life not tell others how to live theirs. So stop already. Make best friends with reality and see it for what it is is to get closer to joy. If people care, and show it, great. If they care and don’t show it, not that you’ll know for certain but great. And if they don’t care and don’t show it, also great. You go on being happy, honey!

Your happiness or misery depends on you:
I admit, it’s a delight to blame the whole bloody world for our sadness. Not a healthy good-for-you kinda delight but a delight nonetheless. And the truth is, baby, the way to both happiness and misery is all on you. Ugly truth but a liberating one. Embrace it.

Your power resides in you, not them:
Stop giving your power away for the love of whatever you love. Keep it safe inside yourself. You give your power away to others by having crazy expectations. And all expectations are crazy. No wonder you are bereft of all joy. Hold on to your power.

You need your energy for important stuff:
Do you not realize how much this drains your energy? Stop being a hero about it. One good cry and I’m wiped for the afternoon! One crazy story in my mind and my yoga practice is ruined. Imagine what you can do with the energy that you don’t waste on being hurt and disappointed. Use it for good. Use it on your terms, not as a reaction to a false story.

You owe it to yourself to live in joy:
You can certainly live however you like, you have that right. But you owe it to you to live in joy. You owe it to the beautiful and wonderful person that you are to live in complete joy and harmony, and you have the means to create that very life so if you want it, you can have it. It’s a choice!

You will have wasted the time anyway:
When you begin to see clearly, you will either patch up with these people who ‘disappoint’ and ‘hurt’ you or you will move on from them and forget them altogether. Either way, this hurt, this disappointment is a waste of time. Stop wallowing in self-pity and use the minutes for better things.

 You will grow old faster:
Misery and sadness shrink the heart, shut down the brain pathways, and slowly detach you from the world of reality and present time. You will move deeper and further into your story, your sadness, your self-pity in your mind and you will lose reasons to live fully and to be happy. And when you lose your reasons to live, what is left?

 You are loved, no matter what:

It all comes down to love. We yearn to be loved. We yearn to matter in this world. We yearn to be somebody to someone. So go be somebody to someone then! Stop drowning in the misery of “She doesn’t love me!” “He doesn’t care about me!” Find love on your own terms by giving love first.